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About Us

This group represents an intended political and electoral alliance between Plaid Cymru, Green Party Wales, individual members of the Labour and Liberal parties and a range of other groups and minor parties from across Wales. We hope that the parties who have been invited to join the alliance will choose to do so and their status is noted below.

We want to see a new political consensus in Wales and for Wales, for you, whatever language you speak and wherever in Wales you live.

Labour and the Tories are not the parties of the people of Wales. We are.

It’s time for a strong economy. It’s time for a Strong Wales.

Colours: red, white and green

abstain from official position on monarchism or republicanism (free vote)

full home rule for Wales equal to that in Scotland

modern North-South rail link connecting Cardiff via Aberystwyth to Bangor and Holyhead

Included Parties: none so far

Invited Parties and Groups: Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales, Wales Green Party, individual members of Welsh Labour, individual members of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Llais Gwynedd; Welsh Liberal Party, Welsh Christian Party, Muslims for Plaid, Respect, Cymru Rydd, Cymru Annibynnol, Cymuned

Main Opponents: Welsh Labour, Welsh Conservatives

Excluded Other Opponents (the Crazies): UKIP, BNP, Welsh Communist Party, Socialist Party Wales (Trotskyists), Plaid Glyndwr, Pirate Party, Monster Raving Loony Party

Councillors ?Mark Strong, ?Mererid Jones, ?Jeff Smith, Kevin Price, Talat Chaudhri